During Fes sightseeing Tour, you will find out more about Morocco by visiting its old city ‘Fes’. In this city you are to see charming sites. It is also known by narrow alleys and traditional architecture.

Fes sightseeing tour program

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Royal palace in Fes- MOROCCO

After you meet the tour guide about 9 o’clock in the morning, we will go with you to discover more about the city built in the Middle Ages. Throughout this tour, you will also have a chance to visit the old city (Medinat Al Kadima) where you are to see two old school Attarine or Madrasa of Bou Inania. Moreover, the guide will lead you to see the oldest fountain in Fes called Nejjarine fountain appeared among the narrow pathways of the city. Interestingly, you are also going to pay a visit to the oldest university in the world founded in 859 AD with a mosque and they are both called Al Quaraouine. The mosque still receives Muslims who want to study Islamic education that’s why UNESCO considers it as the oldest educational institution. Finally, you are to go back to the hotel.