The day trip from Fez to Meknes via Volubilis begins the morning. During this trip, you will visit remains of the Roman Empire and two sites of UNESCO world heritage sites. After this the next destination will be Meknes. It is a nice city with huge walls full of treasure left by Mulay Ismail.

The day trip from Fes to Meknes via Volubilis program

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Roman ruines in Volubilis- MOROCCO

After you have morning meal, the English speaking driver will transport you towards Meknes through the way of Volubilis. It is about an hour-journey. During our pause in Volubilis, you are to explore the oldest place in Morocco as Volubilis was built by the Roman Empire before Christ. Continuously, you will also pay a visit to Mulay Driss Zarhoun. And later on, you are in Meknes which is known by a lot of Mosque towers and enormous walls. One of these mosques has built since the twelfth century. It is really unique with its big wooden gates and thatched roofs. The old medina makes Meknes in the list of UNESCO world heritage. Meknes is known by its large plain of agriculture called Sais plains where different crops grow. It is also safe thus you are going to walk around to see the immense walls and of course paying a visit to the most beautiful gate named Bab Al Mansour.

By the End, the driver will have taken you back to your hotel in Fes in the evening. So, the trip takes up almost 8 hours.