While many general tours in Morocco can be family-friendly, there are some specialized tours and activities designed specifically for kids. These tours often include interactive experiences, educational components, and activities tailored to capture the interest of young travelers.

Some suggestions for dedicated tours for kids in Morocco

Family-Friendly Camel Trek in the Sahara:

Opt for a family-friendly camel trek in the Sahara Desert. Tour operators can organize shorter camel rides suitable for children, and the experience of riding camels across the dunes can be exciting for kids.

Cooking Classes for Kids:

Participate in a family cooking class, where kids can learn to prepare traditional Moroccan dishes. This hands-on experience allows children to engage with local cuisine and culture.

Berber Village Experience:

Take a guided tour to a Berber village in the Atlas Mountains. This interactive experience allows kids to learn about traditional Berber lifestyles, meet local families, and perhaps participate in simple craft activities.

Moroccan Puppet Shows:

Look for puppet shows or storytelling performances designed for kids. These cultural experiences often incorporate traditional Moroccan tales and can be both entertaining and educational.

Horseback Riding Adventures:

Consider a family horseback riding tour, exploring scenic landscapes such as the Atlas Mountains or coastal areas. Riding can be adapted to different skill levels, making it suitable for kids.

Amusement Parks and Gardens:

Visit amusement parks or gardens that cater to families. For example, the Menara Gardens in Marrakech offer a peaceful setting, and some cities may have small amusement parks with rides suitable for kids.

Children’s Workshops in Marrakech:

Look for workshops in Marrakech that offer activities for kids, such as art and craft sessions, storytelling, or traditional music and dance lessons.

Kid-Friendly Museums:

Explore museums with interactive exhibits suitable for children. The Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Arts (MMP+) may have kid-friendly exhibits, and the Museum of Moroccan Arts (Dar Si Said) showcases traditional crafts.

Majorelle Gardens Exploration:

Visit the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech, known for their vibrant colors and unique plants. The gardens provide a serene environment, and kids may find the vibrant blue structures and playful atmosphere engaging.

Fes Medina Treasure Hunt:

Work with tour operators or guides in Fes to organize a kid-friendly treasure hunt in the historic medina. This can be a fun and interactive way for children to explore the maze-like streets and discover hidden gems.

When booking dedicated tours for kids, it’s essential to communicate with tour operators in advance to ensure that the activities are age-appropriate and align with the interests of your family. Customized tours allow for a more tailored and enjoyable experience for children.